Segments - 09 - Norwich

01 - Meeting Her

02 - The Services

03 - Exeter Hotel

04 - Christmas

05 - New Year

06 - The Old Man

07 - Why He Started

08 - Cambridge

09 - Norwich

10 - The Party

11 - Millau

12 - Heading East

13 - Nice in Nice

14 - Making Progress

15 - Revelations

16 - Doubts

17 - The Connection

18 - Levelling

19 - Space

20 - Finale

Anton will not hear Clem turn down a room at the hotel. "Don't worry, don't worry, I'll just add it it to her expenses." The room is simple and plain. The hotel is simple and plain. But it is warm and out of the wind. The snow has returned and it's starting to stick in places. Yeah, there's little doubt that although he feels a little guilty he'd much rather be in here than out there.

They dine out at a local pub. For a small, slim and well turned out gentleman Anton eats like a slob and far too fast! Clem laughs inside. He likes Anton, he's probably a poor kid, gay, bullied at school and deprived who's done really well for himself. It's his positive attitude, the "no problem" response to problems, the "can do" mindset. He's probably not rich as such, but he's living the high life by working for the rich.

He's also funny. The news is on the TV, silent with subtitles, as each subject comes up he comes out with a witty one liner that sums it all up. He could have been a comedian. Clem learns he's from the North East with a Jordy father and an Albanian mother, who's surname he'd altered to make him sound French, as most people thought he was French.

"When I was 15 I came out..." he looks expectantly at Clem "My mother couldn't take it, she kicked me out so I stayed with my dad. It took dad a while to accept it too but he's been great. He got me into this caper, the personal assistant thing, he used to be a batman would you believe."
"Oh I do, yes, you have that air about you."
"Thank you!" He seems genuinely thrilled by that comment. "Oh my dad would be so proud."
"I take it he'"
"Yes, I love my dad, he was a fine fine man." There's a little tear in his eye.
"And your mum?"
"She's...oh I hate negative things...she's OK I guess. We're in touch at least. Clem, an early night for us both."
"It's a bit too early for me."
"No it's not, trust me." And with that he stands up, grabs his jacket and walks out into the thin layer of snow on the ground.

Back at the hotel Clem opens his door and the light is on. What the hell? She's here, Tabs.

All he can see is her head, central to the double bed. She's face up. And, strangely, she's gagged with a bright red ball gag on a leather strap. Squinting in the light a little she lifts her head and winks at him. Phew! For a moment he thought she'd been "done over" or something. He walks up to the bed and slowly pulls the duvet back. Her arms are tied either side of the bed, spread eagle. He pulls the duvet a little more, there's a piece of paper on her stomach, taped onto her tight PVC corset. "I've been a naughty girl, I need punishing" is all it says. It is odd how life turns around. From a bus shelter to a beautiful woman tied to a bed, asking for punishment. Contrast, he likes contrast.

As he pulls more duvet back he finds PVC shorts with a zip. Not where a zip usually is, just where he'd hope to find it, front to back from her pubic mound to her bum cheeks. Her legs are tied either side of the bed too, spread open and covered in stockings. She wriggles and struggles, he just looks at her for a while. She looks at him expectantly. He wants to just cum all over her, but that would be a waste. Moment's like this are to be made the most of.

"Mmmphf" Hee hee! Excellent. At least this way she can't be rude to him again. He sits astride her, across her belly. He strokes her hair and looks at her. She's done her make up differently, she looks sexy tonight, the make up is not soft and cute, it's more raunchy, more mature. He slaps her face, hard enough to sting but not too hard. She looks shocked for a moment then groans a sexual growl. He slaps her other cheek, again she groans. "More?" She nods. He slaps her 2 more times, harder. Her breasts are squeezed up high in her corset, he slaps the uppermost soft flesh and this time she shudders.

He moves off her and slaps her thighs, the exposed part between the stockings and the shorts. Harder, harder and then he stops, stupid boy, he's worrying if the people in the next room can hear! He bends down, places his mouth on a thigh, sucks hard them bites down. It feels delightful feeling the pliable flesh in his mouth and the grip of his teeth, she yelps quietly. He does this time and again. Soon her upper this is red and marked with oval teeth marks. He repeats this on her navel in the small space between the corset and the shorts. Each time he moves lower he feels her build with anticipation. He still wants to just wank all over her PVC but he must, must make the most of this.

He unzips the zip, just 2 inches to expose the top of her pubic mound. There's no vagina yet just more chewy, bite-able skin, soft and warm. He can sense the warmth of her pussy, he unzips a little more, exposing her clitoris. With his mouth clamped to her lower stomach he rubs her gently. She's wriggling and writhing, groaning and bubbling from the gag.

He continues to rub but changes his bite point from navel to leg, thigh to hip. He can tell she's getting closer and closer and as each breath shortens he moves the zip a little lower and lower until her pussy is exposed. He moves from her clitoris to her pussy and it's a wet place. That pleases him. He likes wet, it makes him feel manly and good in bed. It's like a woman's version of a hard on.

Then he stops and stands up, looking at her. "MMMMMMFFFF!!!" Ha! He does love to see her getting cross and frustrated too.

It's revenge for all those gorgeous women who dress sexy then call him a dirty man for looking. It's confirmation that she wants this as much as he does. It's pay back for being rude to him on the phone. It's, well it's just delightful to feel that he can make a woman feel that passionately about something.

Passion. Fire and passion. Desire, zest, need, wantonness, lust and hunger. Oh my that's what he likes in a woman. Desperation. Mandy had that fire in her belly, that will, that oh my god I've just got to have it look in her eyes. Passion. It's what makes us human, surely.

Looking at her casually like anyone might look at an ornament, he unzips her a little more. Oh wow, this fires the passion in him more, she has a fat round butt plug in her bottom. Her little anus is all filled up with crystal smooth glass. Dear god he's aching now, it's his turn to want it all and want it right now.

He plays with the plug. He pushes it in and out just an few millimetres and she whimpers. He wonders if she wants him to take it out, ram it in or just continue. He continues. trying his best to remain co-ordinated he rubs her clitoris and gently moves the plug. This time he allows her to build right up, and then release. She lets out such a groan he's worried about the neighbours again.

He takes a rest, he's finding as he gets older it's not so much that he needs them, rather that he appreciates taking the time more. Well, at least that's what he's trying to convince himself of anyway. He sits on the bed as she regains her breath. Oh wow, she looks good. What to do next I wonder?

He unties her wrist. There's nothing complex, just 2 lengths of soft rope passed under the bed and attached to her limbs. When she's freed the rest of herself she fumbles to remove the gag. " did you tie yourself up like..."
"Don't, magic, don't you know"
"Yeah, right"
"Cynic. Wow it was worth it though. I never did think I'd like being tied up, fully."
"You mean..."
"No, this is the first time, well, this and the bondage gloves."
"no, never, wished I had years ago now." He doesn't know whether to believe her or not. It's the old "you're the first" ego feeder or "this has never happened before" lie about the floppy willy. We do play tricks on each other, like it or not. Who cares, she's sat on the bed with him dressed in PVC and with a butt plug in. His parts are stirring again.

As she makes a brew with the dinky kettle and the cartons of milk he lies on the bed, looking at her and masturbating gently. From behind the shorts are cut to accentuate her hips and peachy bottom, the little flashes of glass butt plug tease and tantalise. He comes to the conclusion Anton must have tied her up, she must have been there some time. They'd had a meal and talked, all that time she was in his room tied up. Wow, kinky. Grrrrrrrr!

As he sips the tea she delicately zips the zip at the front down to just over her clit, and at the rear down over her plug. There's just a narrow gap where in the darkness her vagina opening must be. With a cup in one hand she slowly sways her hips, turns sideways and winks at him. She continues as they drink and he rubs, watching, lusting, hoping, wanting.

He puts his cup down and waits for her to do the same. He stands, grabs her, throws her down onto the bed and grabs one of the ropes from the floor. She struggles just a little but with no real fight, he ties her hands behind her back. Face down on the bed he straddle er legs and starts to spank her through the PVC. He fingers her through the small gap in the zip. He won't let her come though, stopping each time she starts to get warmed up. He's feeling cruel tonight, she's paying the price.

He stands her up again and looks around the room. Curtain pole. He retrieves the other rope and throws it over the pole. "Don't struggle too much, or you'll be getting a bill for a curtain pole too." With that he ties the rope around her neck. He's a worrier, he makes sure it's not tight and a slip away knot, he doesn't want her dead. He holds the other end of the rope to make sure he can let go so she really can't hang herself.

He looks around again. Aha, the tea cups are only small, that will do. He wedges one into the front of her shorts, just below her belly button. It's a tight fit in the PVC but it goes in with a little persuasion. She looks at him oddly. He closes the zips between her legs. Then he starts to masturbate again.

She realises. He's going to cum on her belly and his cum will dribble into her PVC pants through the gap made by the cup. This ought to kill and thrill her and judging by her reaction it is doing. She's tied up, almost hung and he's going to fill her water tight PVC with his juice. He realises he's as devious as the devil himself.

Watching her is what gets him there. It's the way she looks dressed up. It's the make up. It's the deep breathing. It's the helplessness. It's the wanton look in her face. It's the life in her eyes. It's the fire! The biggest shame for Clem is when he cums it's all over for him and yet now she is at her most desperate.

He sits, exhausted, on the bed, still holding the rope thats suspending her from a straining curtain pole. "Let me go let me GO!"
"Let me go now!"
He keeps her there. He watches as his fluids slowly edge their way into her pants and towards her pussy. Oh, if only he were younger. He feels the stiffening return a little but alas and alak it's not what it used to be. After a few more minutes he releases the rope. Another minute of her begging and he unties her hands. She flops on the bed, moves the zip enough to gain access to her cum laden clitoris and it's less than 60 seconds before she too is lying there, wasted.

How different life can be from one day to the next. I wonder, is that the real definition of adventure?

He's slept well, probably catching up from not sleeping so well in the bus shelter the previous night. She's lying next to him, wide awake and looking at her phone. "Morning sleepy."
"Morning...urgh. What time is it?"
"Half 9"
"Blimey, that's not like me."

When she gets out of bed he sees that at some point she's changed into her satin nightie. She looks pretty, a little wild this morning with her bed hair. She goes into the tiny bathroom and Clem comes around slowly. As he opens the window he sees a thick covering of snow all around. The busy main road across the car park is flowing freely but he can see a young couple trying to clear a path out of the car park. Anton's executive Mercedes is still covered in snow.

With her hair tied into a bun she walks back into the room wearing sturdy boots, thick socks over her tight jeans, an Arran sweater with thick patterns and a chiffon cream scarf. Not exactly sexy yet still classy. She's a smart lady. She walks over to him and wraps her arms around him and kisses him. This kiss feels different. This kiss is sincere, honest, deep. She snuggles into him. "Breakfast?"

"Have you called David yet?"
"No! I've not had chance." She slumps.
"Come on boy! Strike while the iron is hot"
"What does he want?"
"I don't know, all I know is he tracked me down through Anton and that he wants to speak with you regarding an assignment. Get on with it, don't waste time and opportunity."
" can I call him?"
"Did Anton not give you a phone?"
"In the bag." He'd not even opened the bag. It had completely passed him by what with talking to Anton, the lift, the pub lunch, her, PVC and orgasms. He feels a sense of urgency.
"Hell, er, the bag is still in Anton's car I think." She fumbles inside her handbag and pulls out her phone.
"Anton, Hi Anton." She speaks warmly to him, Clem can see Anton is a favourite of hers. "Hey sweetie, Clem, the buffoon" she winks at Clem "has left that bag in the car...yes...we're in the dining room...thanks sweetie, you're a star"

Anton looks deeply happy to see Tabs and Clem sat in the dining room. This morning is a good morning. She seems more, er, warm towards him, more involved if that makes sense. Anton is just a great guy, he's funny and so relaxed, he just sits with them without invitation and talks excitedly about the snow outside. The way he acts around Tabs lets Clem know they've know each other quite some time.

Inside the bag is a phone, a scrap of paper with a number written on it in her neat scribe and a camera, nothing fancy but all good quality. He calls David and in his military style David explains the situation.

David has been asked to organise a trip to Millau, France. It's a group of civil engineers who are using an "engineering field trip" to the bridge as an excuse to have a jolly on company expenses. He wants Clem to research hotels, the bridge, fun things to do and most importantly the best bars with the best girls in. He needs the report back within the next 3 weeks so he can organise places to stay and some kind of itinerary for them.

Holy crap! I mean, it's the chance of a lifetime but to be honest he's never done anything like this before. Can he pull it off? Is he going to make an ass of himself? How the hell is he going to get there? Oh god, oh no, hell yeah, but what if, yikes, er, "Yes, sure David. I can sort that out for you. Ahem, how much will you pay me?"
"What do you charge?" Shit. He's not thought of this at all. His mind quickens in panic. A few days work, maybe £300, expenses, maybe £200? £500, too much surely, I mean how much is this package worth? Oh crap. What to do?
"I'd estimate 500 pounds?"
"Sure, that's great. Keep all you're expense receipts, get them to me and I'll cover them as usual"
"Great, I'll get on it this next week"
"Thanks Clement. Get in tough with Tabitha Goodier, she's got my contact details like email etcetera. Got to go, many thanks my boy, you're a life saver."

Tabs and Anton look at Clem and giggle to each other. "What?"
"Oh Clem, you are a star." exclaims Anton "£500, I bet he bit your hand off didn't he."
"Well, er, yeah."
"Cheap as chips you are. He'd have accepted double that." Clem feels stupid. Anton leans over to him and places his dark, delicate hand on his knee. "Please, we don't mean to be cruel. Oh I'm so excited for you, you're going to be great!"
"Pfffft, I don't...I don't even know how I'm going to get there. I don't know what to write. I, I don't know. I don't know. I've, I've not really got enough to even get there. Shit!"

Tabs says "Look in the bag." He looks again, camera in a box, the box for the mobile phone he's just used, oh, what's this, a jiffy bag. He pulls out the small bag, rips it open and finds a credit card, in his name, and his passport. He feels dizzy in bewilderment. "The card has a 5 grand limit, it's a CREDIT CARD and you'll have to pay it off from your expenses." Yeah, ok, but, but the passport. His passport. It is his passport, 4 years old, last seen before he set off on his travels 2 years ago. HIS passport. Whoa.

She won't tell him, magic again. Clem is too stunned to argue right now.